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Showorx Productions (M) Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Atlantic Orient (M) Sdn Bhd, was established in the 1995, as part of the Atlantic Orient Group, with joint Malaysian & South African interests. In its early years of existence, the company specialized in two core activities, namely trading and event management. In addition to these, the company was active in business management and IT-related services.

In the early years, the main objective was to establish the company and to gain entry into the market place. Early growth started from a zero-base and was organic in nature. The management, being prudent on financial matters, opted for a more conservative approach in terms of capital and operational expenditure and no venture capital or outside finance was used. All growth during the initial phase was generated from internal resources.

With the economic meltdown in Asia, the company reevaluated its position and through a process of strategic positioning, the core activities were redefined. The decision was made to change the company name to more accurately reflect the nature of its business, and the "Showorx" brand was introduced. This brand, together with prudent fiscal and operational procedures, enabled the company to record tremendous growth during the crisis years. Market share and brand recognition increased significantly during this period, which enabled the company to overtake many of its established competitors in terms of prestige, capacity and size. Whilst others were downsizing, Showorx Productions was expanding on all levels


Following a decision by the management, a new company (newco), Showcraft Sdn Bhd, was formed in 2005, and this newco took over the existing assets and resources of Showorx Productions (M) Sdn Bhd to take the company to a new level of efficiency and profitability. Since the formation of Showcraft Sdn Bhd, the company has seen huge investments in equipment, technical expertise and human resources to further boost the capability of the company for the benefit of its clients.

Showcraft, whilst maintaining the core values, which have served the group well over the past decade, has opted for a more proactive and aggressive approach, which has lead to new heights in terms of business volume, self-sufficiency and profitability within the company. As this growth has raised both expectations and needs, Showcraft is raising its brand value to provide its clients with an even higher brand of professional service.





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